24 Canadian Records Broken at the Indoor Championships

Ted Hurdles

M80 Ted Rowan from Saskatchewan was named Athlete of the Meet.

Ted broke six Canadian Records in the 50m, 60m, Triple Jump, the Pentathlon, and two events during the Pent – the High Jump and the Long Jump.

He missed the 25 year old CAN record in the 60m Hurdles (photo) by 0.12 seconds – and he had to use 30″ hurdles instead of the regulation 27″ (because we don’t have them).


M35 Dree Ryan ON ran 6.13 in the 50m
breaking Hall of Famer Ray Cardinal’s 6.0 CAN record that was 31 years old!
(hand times are adjusted by adding 0.24 to the mark – so it would be 6.24)

WendyW55 Wendy Alexis ON (R) broke her own 7.36 CAN record in the 50m
running 7.33 IN A TIE with W60 Karla Del Grande ON
who broke her own CAN of 7.51

Ted 60m

Ted literally FLYING in the 60m

Alice 800m

W80 Alice Cole PQ continued her assault
on the CAN records with a 3:52.70 in the 800m
breaking Lenore Montgomery’s 4:12 record.
Helly Visser AB has a pending 3:46 World Record mark from March 2nd.


Canadian Masters President M50 Paul Osland ON (301)
finished the 1500m in 4:18.43 – breaking the 4:19.21 CAN
set way back in 1987 by Ben Johns ON.
Paul also ran the 800m in 2:06.79 – breaking the listed CAN of 2:09 by Jerry Kooymans – but Paul’s teammate M50 Mike Sherar has a pending 2:03.30 mark.
M35 Joey Boland (224) and M40 Jay Brecher (225)
both broke the Meet Records in the race.

PaulM45 Paul Gautier NB broke the CAN record in both throws
He put the Shot 13.25m – breaking his own CAN of 13.22
He had a 12.90 mark in the Weight Throw (photo)
breaking Richard Parkinson’s ON mark of 12.78 from 2010.

Elizabeth WT

W50 Elizabeth Hill ON  also broke the CAN records in both Throws.
She put the Shot 11.23m breaking her own CAN of 11.10 set in 2011.
Her 11.68m mark in the Weight Throw broke her 11.63 from 2012


M40 Dmitry Babenko BC broke the CAN records in both Racewalks.
He broke Roman Olszewski’s 6:57.7 CAN with a 6:28.42 in the 1500m.
The next day, he had a 13:38.97 in the 3000m – breaking Brad Lessard’s 14:12
record from 1985 !


W80 Jean Horne ON finished the 3000m Racewalk in 22:56.78
breaking Hildegard Buschaus BC CAN of 25:51

RElay 4X400

All three Relay teams broke the CAN Records in the 4X400m (L-R)

The W45 team of Annie Bunting, Gwen Bailey Mason, Kate Cochrane Brink
and Karla Del Grande ran 4:48.34 – setting a new record

The M70 team of Chris Mackie, Vern Christensen (in red),
Jack Geddes, and Dave Woodhall ran 5:37.73, setting a new CAN.

The M50 team of Paul Osland, Marino Sani, Mike Sherar,
and Noel Brown ran 4:10.14 – smashing the 4:33 CAN record

Relay 4X800 M35

M35 Joey Boland (224) teamed up with some old fellows
to run 8:42.48 in the 4X800m Relay – breaking the 9:38 M35 CAN
with Paul Osland, Jay Brecher, and Michal Kapral

Relay 4X800 M70

The M70 team also broke the 4X800m Relay record in 12:38.26


There was a big field in the Canadian Masters Indoor Pentathlon Championship

There were 61 Meet Records broken during the two days.

Full results, Meet Records, Club Scores, and 700 photos are on the Results page

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