Blizzard Conditions at the Canadian Cross Country Championships in Guelph

Blowing snow didn’t stop 192 finishers in the Canadian Masters race.

All the finishing marks are on the RESULTS page. Race Video

The provincial winner of the GAAT Trophy

[simage=912,288,n,left,] Sarah Nagy ON (L) won the W35 Age Group in 29:57. On the 2nd loop, she was battling teammate Chantal Warriner ON who won the W30 in 29:57

[simage=920,288,n,right,] M30 Warren Ringler ON won his division in 27:25

[simage=911,288,n,left,] M35 Dave Tepper ON won in 27:41

[simage=925,288,n,right,] W40 Darcie Montgomery BC in 31:34

[simage=919,288,n,left,] M40 Rick Minichiello ON won his age group in 26:24 and was first overall

[simage=924,288,n,right,] W45 Teresa Nightingale BC finishes in 31:33

[simage=921,288,n,left,] M45 Steve Boyd finishes in 26:49, third overall. Steve had the highest AG score at 88.25%

[simage=914,288,n,right,] W50 Janet Wynands ON at the halfway mark. She finished in 32:02

[simage=922,288,n,left,] M50 Chris Deighan ON won in 28:29. The M50’s was the largest field.

[simage=916,288,n,right,] W55 Maureen de St Croix BC won in 34:27. Maureen is the race director of next year’s championships in Vancouver. She had the highest female AG score with a 85.6%

[simage=923,288,n,left,] M55 Paul Reimer BC won in 29:46

[simage=926,288,n,right,] W60 Nancy Wells ON won in 42:42

[simage=915,288,n,left,] M60 Bob Knuckey ON won in 32:52

[simage=918,288,n,right,] M65 Hugh Connolly ON won in 37:07

[simage=928,288,n,left,] W70 Joan Chritensen ON won in 51:07 Joan is the Membership Secretary of the Canadian Masters

[simage=917,288,n,right,] M70 Bob Moore ON won in 36:35

[simage=927,288,n,left,] M75 Gerhard Krolow ON (R) duking it out with M60 Stuart Pursey. Gerhard finished in 47:35

[simage=929,288,n,right,] M80 Ralph Lang ON finished the gruelling 8K course in 52:03

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