Canadian Masters Athlete of the Month – February

Co-winners have been selected for February’s AOTM honours:

Margaret Tosh SK   and   Yannick Le Mouël PQ  

Yannick scored 6205 points in the M50 Heptathlon at the RSEQ Track and Field Championships in Sherbrooke on February 23/24. The WMA does not keep world records in the Heptathlon but the CMA AOTM committee believes Yannick’s performance should be considered an unofficial world record or “world best” because it is the highest score they could find evidence of on the internet.
Furthermore, Yannick broke the Canadian record in the Pole Vault during the Heptathlon on February 24 with a jump of 4.23m, which is the highest M50 Pole Vault in the world this year.

Marg broke the W80 World Record in the Weight Throw on February 10 in Regina with a throw of 11.00m. The previous world record was 10.75m. However, the true world record will be the 11.28m Marg threw on January 28 in Saskatoon which had not been ratified prior to selecting the CMA AOTM for January.

Honourable Mentions should also be given to Canadian record breakers;
Jeannie Cockroft
Miriam Cavani
Mary Unsworth
Patty Blanchard
Robert Jackson


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