Canadian Masters Athlete of the Month – September

This year’s Lift Bridge 10K in Hamilton has produced co-winners of CMA Athlete of the Month for September.  Liz Schad (L) and Elizabeth Waywell set new CMA 10K road bests of 44:19 and 41:08 in the W65 and W60 categories, respectively. Both of these performances age-grade above 94%. Elizabeth set new 8k and 5 mile bests of 32:52 and 33:02 en route to her 10k victory. Liz also set new 8k and 5 mile bests of 34:57 and 35:08.

An honourable mention also goes out to M90 Canio Polosa for his CMA road best in the 5k at Jordan’s Run the Runway in London. Canio, the CMA’s oldest member at 92, completed the race in a humbling 37:41.

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