Christa Bortignon Named NCCWMA Athlete of the Year

The NCCWMA is happy to announce the male and female Athlete of the Year for 2012.

Female: Christa Bortignon of Canada

Christa has 8 WMA Gold and 7 World Records for the year as of the nominations. She competed in Jyväskylä and in Saint John, New Brunswick at the regional championship.

Her best event listed is the triple jump with a distance of 7.91 metres (100.64%, WR) at the Seniors Games in Burnaby, British Columbia.

In the pentathlon in Saint John she her total was 4743 points which is a world record.

Her third listed performance was in the 60m in Jyväskylä where her time was 10.04 (102.6% age graded, WR).

Male: Robert Lida of the USA

Competed in the 2012 WMA Indoor Championships in Jyväskylä, Finland

His nomination form lists three World Records:27.64 (100.94% age graded) in the 200m,

8.56 (99.88% age graded) in the 60m both in Finland.

At the USATF National Championships outdoor he ran the 100m in a time of 13.49 (97.72% age graded).

He has 5 world records for the year.

(Photo courtesy Ken Stone )


Sandy Pashkin the new president of the NCCWMA region and the entire executive wish to offer their congratulations to these two fine athletes.

Robert and Christa are our nominations to the WMA Best Masters Athlete of the Year.
The results were just announced as by the WMA secretary Winston Thomas….
Lyn Ventris (W 55, AUS) and Robert Lida (M 75, USA) are the 2012 Best Masters of the World.
The WMA Council has voted (nomination of five women and three men): after 2011 the Australian Lyn Ventris is again the best, while Robert Lida took part the first time in this voting and won. Congratulation to the winners; they will be invited to the IAAF Centenary celebration and IAF Gala in Barcelona (ESP) in November.

Christa and Robert have had an outstanding year and it is still not over.

Brian Keaveney


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