CMA 2021 Annual Meeting of Members

The CMA Board of Directors invites all 2022 CMA Members to the 2021 Annual Meeting of Members of the CMA, which will be held at the Irving Oil Field House in Saint John, NB on Saturday, March 26, at 7:00 pm, ADT, on a “hybrid” basis, combining an in person meeting with online “Zoom” facilities.  The meeting will include reporting on the voting in the elections for Directors and Officers, which can be carried out through the use of a Mail/Email Ballot, or online via “Trackie”.  Voting may also take place in person at the meeting.

The Board of Directors encourages all Members who wish to attend, whether in person or online, to register in advance through Trackie, by 11:59 pm on March 24, and requests that an email address be provided by the Member when registering.  All members who register in advance will be contacted by email, and will be provided with the conference code and instructions, to access the online “Zoom” conference facilities. Members may, however, attend in person at the Irving Oil Field House.

The CMA has published the Annual Meeting Notice Package, containing information about the Annual Meeting, including details about the CMA Members who have put their names forward for election as Directors and Officers for the coming year.  Because of the  number of members who have volunteered to serve as Directors, it is important that Members exercise their rights to vote in the election of Directors and Officers, which they may do by voting in person, or in advance of the Meeting, until 11:59 pm on March 24, 2022, in one of following ways:

  • By using a Mail/Email Ballot – in the Annual Meeting Package (below)
  • Online through Trackie – the Election Link (below)

The CMA will also be issuing its Annual Report shortly, which will be reviewed and discussed at the Meeting.  Members will be informed when the Annual Report is available on its web site.

Annual Meeting Package

To register for the meeting or to vote on Trackie;

Election of Directors and Officers


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