CMA Announces Annual Member’s Meeting

To the Members of Canadian Masters Athletics:

Attached is a copy of the Notice and accompanying documents for the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Members of Canadian Masters Athletics, being held on December 8, 2011. Everyone interested in Masters Athletics is invited to attend this meeting. However, only 2011 Members of the CMA are entitled to vote at the Meeting, including in the election of Directors and Officers.

For the convenience of those Members who are not able to attend the Meeting, we are providing a Mail Ballot, which can be used to vote in the election of Directors and Officers only. In order for your vote to be counted at the Meeting, you must mail the Ballot to the address indicated on it, and it must be received by December 6, 2011.

We encourage all members who are able to attend to do so, as we require a quorum of 30 Members in order to proceed with the Meeting.

Vern Christensen
Secretary, Canadian Masters

2011 AGM Information

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