CMA Announces Leadership Change and Committee Formation

The Board of Directors of Canadian Masters Athletics (CMA) would like to announce a leadership change at the Board level.  At a regularly-scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors on September 23rd, Paul Osland resigned from his positions as President and a Director, effective immediately, because of a conflict of interest between the CMA and his employer, Athletics Ontario.  Paul indicated that, in his position with AO, he will be trying to work with the other Branches of Athletics Canada (AC), on an initiative whereby the CMA may become a Committee, or in some other way a part of AC, and no longer be an independent organization.

As a result of Paul’s resignation, the Board unanimously decided that Vern Christensen, as Secretary, be authorized to undertake the duties of Acting President, until the election of a new President at the next CMA Annual Meeting of Members.

In light of these developments, the Board of CMA has chosen a Committee to consider the future of masters athletics in Canada, including the CMA-AC relationship, and how to best serve the interests of masters athletes, and to report back to the Board. The following, in alphabetical order, are the members of the Board who were elected to the Committee:

Vern Christensen, ON
Donna Dixon, AB
Jake Madderom, BC
Doug Smith, ON
Jo Welch, NS

The Board is providing this information to the CMA members, to keep the members informed about issues which it believes are important to the members.  The Board intends to provide additional information to the members as appropriate, and will request the approval from the membership for any significant change affecting the CMA.  Any members who wish to provide any comments to the Board pertaining to the operations of the CMA or its future are encouraged to contact the Committee by email at

The Board of Directors,
Canadian Masters Athletics
October 16, 2020.

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