CMA Annual Report

This is a reminder of the Annual Meeting of the CMA, which is being held on Thursday, December 13th at 7:00 pm, at Sports Alliance of Ontario, 3 Concorde Gate, Toronto.

We require at least 30 CMA members to be present in person in order to form a quorum for the Meeting, so we encourage as many members as possible who are able to, to come to the meeting. Members who are not present in person may use the Mail Ballot, which is an Attachment to the Notice of the Meeting, in order to vote on the Directors and Officers. Telephone conference facilities will also be available for Members to take part in the Meeting, as is explained in the Meeting Notice. However, Members who vote by Mail Ballot or take part by telephone, will not be considered present for purposes of calculating the quorum of 30 Members.

A copy of an “Annual Report”, consisting of the detailed Agenda for the Meeting and all Reports that will be reviewed at that time, is posted below, and Members are encouraged to review that Report before the Meeting, whether they are taking part in person or by telephone conference. The various reports will not be reviewed in detail during the Meeting.

If they have not already done so, we encourage Members who will be attending the Annual Meeting to let Paul Osland know, at (416) 380-2503, or

Annual Report 2012

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