CMAA Signs Membership Agreement With Ontario Masters Athletics

The CMAA and Athletics Canada have been negotiating for several years to have AC Provincial Branch masters members included as CMAA members in a reciprocal membership arrangement. The CMAA, AC and the Provincial Branches recently agreed in principle on such a proposal. A formal agreement will be drafted, and will be voted on at the AC AGM in May. The proposal allows any Branch which has the ability to do so to reach a temporary agreement with the CMAA immediately. While many Branches, which have to pass changes in their membership structures at their AGMs, will be unable to reach such an agreement until after their next AGM, some Branches – like the Ontario Masters – are able to do so in time for the 2011 membership year.

[simage=930,288,n,left,] At the CMAA Executive Meeting held on Thursday, December 16th, the CMAA and Ontario Masters Athletics informally agreed to implement the temporary membership agreement for 2011. Shaking on the deal were CMAA President Paul Osland (L) and OMA President Doug Smith. Starting in January, 2011, all 2011 OMA members will become members of Canadian Masters. This will provide OMA members with the opportunity to compete in National Indoor and Outdoor Championships and the upcoming World Masters Championships in Sacramento. The CMAA will attempt to come to similar agreements with other AC Branches.

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