Ed Breaks Two World Records At The Canadian Masters Championships

M80 Ed Whitlock ON ran the 10,000m – the first event of Day 2 of the Canadian Masters Championships on Saturday Morning under perfect conditions. The World Record stood at 44:29.4 – set by Ed Benham USA in 1988 – that stood for almost 25 years. Ed finished in an unbelievable 42:59.16 – a minute and a half under the record. As Ken Stone points out, that averaged 6:55 per Mile. The WR in the M80 Mile is 7:09.. and Ed ran six of them in a row!! (Photo-Mike Mendis)

25 hours later, on Sunday morning, Ed ran 20:58.12 ….another World Record in the 5000m – bettering his own mark that he set two weekends ago on the same Varsity Centre track at the Ontario Masters Championships.


M70 Vern Christensen ON ran a 9:24.69 in the 2000m Steeplechase
breaking Don Farquharson’s CAN record of 11:17 set back in 1996. He also broke the Meet Record of 11:24 held by Hyke Van Der Wal in Regina 2008. (Photo-Mike)

W50 Elizabeth Hill ON put the Shot 10.63m – breaking Liz McBlain’s CAN record of 10.51m from 1998. (Photo-Mike)

M45 Peter Ingleton ON broke his own ONT record by over a metre
with a 14.15m mark in the Shot Put. He put it 12.99m two weeks ago at the OMA Championships. Peter also broke the Meet Record of 13.44m held by Robert Gunn USA set in Sherbrooke 1999. (Photo-Doug)

W45 Kristen Dajia ON broke her own 37.09m CAN record in the Hammer with a 38.19 mark. That also broke the 32.23m MR held by Joan Stratton USA set in Kamloops 2000. (Photo of the Weight Throw – Mike)

W60 Rhona Trott ON broke her own 30.93m CAN record
in the Hammer with a 30.97m toss Saturday morning.
(Photo in the 100m – Doug)

M60 Henry Charrois AB finished the 1500m Racewalk in 7:27.83 – breaking Stuart Summerhayes’ 7:48 CAN record from 1996. (Photo-Mike)

W75 Jean Horne ON broke Lenore Marvin’s 10:35 CAN record
with a 10:30.91 in the 1500m Racewalk (Photo-Mike)

M45 Jianping Xu ON finished the 1500mRW in 6:45.31 – breaking his own 6:55 CAN record that he set last year (Photo-Mike)

M40 Peter Lawson NB broke a tie in the 51.65 Meet Record in the 400m that was held by Ray Cardinal ON (Richmond 1987) and Chris Lemassif ON (Regina 2008)
Peter ran 51.28 (Photo courtesy Mike Dziak)

M80 Earl Fee ON ran a 1:11.94 400m – breaking Harry Thompson’s Meet Record of 1:30 set in Richmond 2003. Earl also broke Hans Weikhardt’s 3:20 MR (Edmonton ’94) with a 2:55.42 in the 800m.

M50 Chris Deighan ON ran 2:07.68 in the 800m – breaking the 2:07.91 MR that was set by Jim Robinson USA in Toronto 2005.

W55 Rita Quibell ON (L) won the 1500m in 5:17.97 – that breaks the 5:35 MR of Molly Turner ON set in Edmonton in 1989.

M50 Mark Williamson USA ran a 14.81 100m Hurdles, breaking fellow American Chuck Miller’s 14.87 MR set in Toronto 1988.
Mark High Jumped 1.86m – breaking Istvan Major ON MR of 1.85m set in Toronto 2002 (Photo courtesy Mike Dziak)

M40 Yannick Lemouel PQ ran 16.30 in the 100m Hurdles – breaking the 16.66 MR held by Stan Druckrey USA in Toronto 1988. (Photo – Mike Mendis)

M30 Clayton Latham ON broke the MR with a 7.23m mark in the Long Jump.
The previous record was 4.52m held by Lewis Frere AB set in Calgary 2004 (Photo – Mike)

M65 Matti Kilpelainen USA jumped 3.20m in the Pole Vault.
That broke new CMA Hall of Famer Stan Egerton’s 3.01m MR set in Ottawa 1991

W80 Velta Tomsons ON broke her own 6.67m MR in the Shot Put (Toronto 2010) with a 7.06m mark.

W30 Vicki Webb ON broke her own MR of 45.72 set last year with a 45.84m mark in the Javelin.

W50 Sherry Carson ON ran 19:43.66 in the 5000m – breaking Jean Horne’s MR of 20:00 set in Oshawa 1985 – that’s over 25 years ago! (Photo-Mike)

W65 Nancy Wells ON finished the 10,000m in 50:03.70
just nicking Lenore Marvin’s 50:04.5 MR set in Richmond 1987 (Photo-Doug)

CMA Championships Meet Records

OMA Apprentice Photographer Mike Mendis

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