3 World and 18 CAN Records set at the CMA Championships

CMA Outdoors RelayLe Team Canada Relay Team broke the World Record in the M50 4X800m running 8:36.39
The 8:39.01 WR was set by a team from Australia in 2011.

Serge Faucher ON, Andrew Tuovinen BC, Mike Sherar ON, and CMA President Paul Osland On


CMA Outdoors Earl 400M85 Earl Fee
ran 1:17.12 in the 400m
breaking the 1:20.46 WR. He broke the CAN record by 20 seconds!


CMA Outdoors EarlThe next day,
The Great Earl ran
3:09.10 in the 800m
breaking the 3:17 WR
by 18 seconds!



CMA Outdoors MJ

Marie Josee Le Jour ON
threw 47.13 in the Discus
during the Throws Pentathlon, breaking Georgette Reed’s W35 CAN record of 46.54
MJ just missed her own WR in Throws Pentathlon total points

CMA Outdoors Dmitry

M40 Dmitry Babenko C.-B.
broke his own CAN record with a 6:14.48
in the 1500m Racewalk

CMA Outdoors Alice Cole

W80 Alice Cole PQ
ran the 1500m in 7:47.04
breaking Helly Visser’s CAN of 7:58

CMA Outdoors Tony Powell

M70 Tony Powell On
ran 28.48 in the 200m
breaking Earl Fee’s CAN of 28.61

CMA Outdoors Kris Kozell

W60 Kris Kozell On
finished the 1500m Racewalk in 8:19.71
breaking Ann Marie Rosenitch’s 8:36 CAN record

CMA Outdoors 100m Women

W60 Karla Del Grande ON (#269)
broke her own CAN in the 100m in 13.68

CMA Outdoors Ted Rowan 2

M80 Ted Rowan SK
ran 15.60 in the 100m
breaking another of Earl’s records (15.68)
(has there ever been a meet where two of Earl’s records were broken?)

Ted also broke Karl Trei’s CAN in the
Long Jump with a 3.76m mark

CMA Outdoors W45 400 Relay

I remember when the W45 Canadian Women’s Relay team set the CAN record
in the 4X400m….it was at the Worlds in Miyazaki Japan in 1993. The mark was finally broken by Donna Dixon AB, Annie Bunting ON, Kate Cochrane-Brink ON, and Nancy Catton ON in 4:28.95


CMA Outdoors Judy Warick

Judy Warick SK was the first W65 Canadian Woman to run the Steeplechase, finishing in a remarkable
10:07. Later on Saturday, Judy was inducted into the Canadian Masters Hall of Fame at the Awards Banquet

CMA Outdoors M45 400 Relay

The M45 4X400m Relay team
of Chris Lemassif ON, Paul Osland ON,
Mike Sherar ON, and Peter Lawson N.-B.
ran 3:33.95 – breaking a 25 year old CAN

CMA Outdoors Theva

M60 Thevarajan Sinnathurai On
had a 11.18m mark in the Triple Jump
breaking Alan Slater’s 10.85 from 2003

CMA Outdoors Nigel John

M40 Nigel John On
(shown winning the 200m)
had a 6.80m mark in the Long Jump
breaking Todd Crawford’s 6.57 CAN

M35 Jonathan Younker
won the Triple Jump with a 13.55m
but the wind was too strong at 2.5 m/s to be legal. He did however have a 13.49m jump on an earlier attempt with a legal 1.4m/s wind

There were 33 Meet Records broken on the weekend – that’s the best marks in 40 years of competitions across the country.

Full results – three days of Photos – Meet Records  on the RESULTS page

(photos by – Michael Harvey, Bill Smith, and Shaggy)

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