Canadians Win Gold at the Huntsman Games

Canadian masters won medals at the Huntsman World Games in St George Utah:

Norm Lesage: BC 50m, M80,8.47, Gold;
Norm Lesage: 200m, M80, 34.61, Gold;

Christa Bortignon: BC 200m, W70, 37.55, Gold;
Christa Bortignon: High jump, W70, 1.05m, Gold;
Christa Bortignon: Long jump, W70, 2.96m, Gold;
Christa Bortignon: Triple Jump, W70, 6.95m, Gold.

Michael Mullaley, BC 800m, M65, 2:48:48, Silver;
Michael Patrick Mullaley: 3000m,M65, 12:36:52, silver,
Michael Patrick Mullalet: 1500m, M65, 5:47:48, Silver,

Les East, M70, BC Discus, 31.77m, silver,
Les East, M70, Long Jump, 3.56m, bronze,
Les East, M70, Triple Jump, 8.29m, gold,

Marg Radcliffe, BC W65, High Jump, .95m, gold,
Marg Radcliffe, W65, Javelin, 27.95m, gold
Marg Radcliffe W65 50m sprint 9.71, Bronze
Marg Radcliffe W65 100m sprint 19.41, Bronze.

Pam Stuart, Ont, W55, 50m, 7.9, silver; Javelin,25.77m, Bronze; Long Jump, 3.85m, silver; Triple Jump, 7.65m, silver.
Pam Stuart W55 shot put 9.29m Bronze

Maria Hopchin, Alb, W65, 50m, 8.67, Silver;100m, 16.51, silver; 200m, 35.89, silver.

Betty McQuarrie, Alb, W80, 100m, 22.88, silver; 200m, 50.17, silver.

Catherine Roberts, Alb, W60, 3000m, 16:59:92,Gold; Discuss,20.79m, bronze; Standing long jump, 1.82m, silver.

Cathy Zombor, Alb, W65, long jump, 2.15m, silver, Standing long jump, 1.60m, bronze; Tripple jump 4.89m, gold.

Liz McBlain, Alb, W60, High jump, 1.00m, gold; Tripple jump, 3.22m, Silver.

W. Gerald Graham, Alb, M75, 100m, 16.64, silver; 200m, 35.10, bronze.

Richard Roberts Alb, M65, 3000m, 16:28:98, Bronze.

Mike Towney BC M65 Triple Jump 8.39m Silver medal

The weather was terrible. Rains, thunder and lightening. Most of Monday’s events were cancelled. So we had to double up on Tuesday. Most of the jumps had to be done during the rain. The gusts of wind caused havock with the spints. Several athletes crashed on the track.
Christa Bortignon


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