Rencontre et accueil d'Équipe Canada

To those Canadians registered for WMA 2022 in Tampere — The CMA Online Seminars Committee would like to offer you the opportunity to “Meet and Greet” your fellow Canadians planning on competing in Finland, on a Zoom call on Sunday, May 29th at 7pm EDT. (See link below.)

This will be a departure from our usual seminar format, without a scripted presentation. Instead, we will introduce your Team Managers, Vern Christensen and Wendy Melvin, and give you each a turn to introduce yourself (name, where you’re from, events, etc.). Depending on numbers we may have discussion on where you’re staying in Tampere, any tips you can give others, any burning questions you may have, etc. Vern’s upcoming bulletins will answer most of what you will need to know, but we intend this casual get-together to let you know that CMA is supporting you, and to put faces to the names of fellow Canadian competitors. If you’ve been to a WMA event before, you can reassure newbies about the fun and friendship of these events, and if you haven’t been, you will catch the excitement and know that you’re among friends. As a special bonus, Carol Lafayette-Boyd will kick things off with an update on plans for Regina for the Canadian Championships in July. We look forward to seeing you on this Zoom call on Sunday May 29th at 7 p.m. EDT.


Karla (on behalf of CMA Online Seminars Committee)


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