M30 Reid Coolsaet First Overall At The Canadian Half Marathon Championships

M30 Reid Coolsaet from Guelph ON was first overall in the Banque Scotia Half Marathon de Montreal which hosted the Canadian Championships. Reid finished in 1:04:54. (photo from the NYC Half)

Canadian Half Marathon Champions

M30 Reid Coolsaet Guelph ON 1:04:54
M35 Amor Dehbi Montreal PQ 1:09:31
M40 Terry Gehl St Charles PQ 1:11:21
M45 Etienne Methot Quebec PQ 1:18:44
M50 Gerard Leclerc Quebec PQ 1:18:29
M55 Malcolm Balk Montreal PQ 1:20:59
M60 Normand Trempe Montreal PQ 1:30:03
M65 Phil Booker Fredricton NB 1:45:08
M70 Keijo Taivassalo Thornhill ON 1:40:57
M75 Ian Sim Alexandria ON 2:37:22
W30 Heather Magill Willmington ON 1:17:50
W35 Annie Gervais Sherbrooke PQ 1:21:57
W40 Myriam Grenon Longueuil PQ 1:21:09
W45 Regine Ambroise Gatineau PQ 1:33:02
W50 Francine Philippe St Bruno PQ 1:44:22
W55 Marilyn Huot St Lambert PQ 1:39:13
W60 Judith Adams Montreal PQ 1:51:56
W65 Yelza Laszlo Montreal PQ 1:49:56

Results courtesy SprotStats Full info on the RESULTS page
No CAN records broken in the race.

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