New CMA and World Records


The following CMA records were set across Canada and at the World Masters Athletics Championship in Tampere, Finland, between June and August 2022, including 11 World Records.

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Congratulations to all record breakers!


Track Records

M90 Joe Giegerich, BC, 23.65s
W40 Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc, QC, 12.36s
W80 Carol LaFayette-Boyd, SK, 16.23s, World Record
W85 Christa Bortignon, BC, 18.14s, World Record

W40 Martine Cloutier-LeBlanc, QC, 25.71s
W80 Carol LaFayette-Boyd, SK, 34.38s, World Record
W85 Christa Bortignon, BC, 39.58s, World Record

M60 Mark Pinckard, BC, 4:33.19

W45 Tiffany Newell, ON, 18:02.30
W50 Maria Zambrano, AB, 17:23.35
W60 Makie Ohler, ON, 20:12.28

W50 Maria Zambrano, AB, 36:38.88

100m Hurdles
M50 Yannick Le Mouel, QC, 14.41s

Jumps Records

Long Jump
W55 Kairy Loucks, ON, 4.48m
W80 Carol LaFayette-Boyd, SK, 3.69m, World Record
W85 Christa Bortignon, BC, 3.03m, World Record

High Jump
W85 Christa Bortignon, BC, 0.95m, World Record

Triple Jump
W80 Carol LaFayette-Boyd, SK, 7.45m, World Record
W85 Christa Bortignon, BC, 6.35m, World Record

Pole Vault
M65 Tony Salmon, QC, 3.36m
W35 Emilie Lefebvre Bertrand, QC, 3.55m


Throws Records

W45 Nicole Carlos, BC, 39.58m
W60 Celina Wong, BC, 34.03m

M65 Michael Deady, BC, 46.61m
W45 Andrea Diener, AB, 37.29m

M55 Graham Morfitt, BC, 50.27m
W65 Barbara Dabrowski, ON, 27.99m

W40 Karla Johnson-Gabruch, SK, 13.52m

Combined Events Records

M90 Joe Giegerich, BC, 2041 points
W40 Karla Johnson-Gabruch, SK, 3539 points
W60 Muriel Gieni, SK, 3737 points

W85 Christa Bortignon, BC, 5807 points, World Record
W60 Cindy O’Brien Hugh, BC, 4779 points

M75 Tuomas Ukonmaanaho, BC, 6089 points


Road Race Bests

W55 Carol Montgomery, BC, 5:51
W75 Diane Leonard, BC, 8:12
W80 Liz Borrett, BC, 9:37

W40 Sasha Gollish, ON, 16:45
W55 Paula Keating, NB, 18:45
W75 Diane Leonard, BC, 26:15
M60 David Guss, BC, 17:08

W50 Maria Zambrano, AB, 2:46:50

Racewalk Records

1500m Outdoor Track
W65 Johanna Flipsen, AB, 8:24.10
W70 Teresa Chiozza, AB, 9:05.84

5000m Outdoor Track
W70 Teresa Chiozza, AB, 31:59.95

10K Road
M80 Herve LeBlanc, QC, 1:24:48



Relay Records


W60 Juliette Christie (BC), Patti Rogers (BC), Donna Dixon (AB), Janette Wood (BC), 11:55.73
M75 Mark Stewart (BC), Terry Riggins (BC), Fred Pawluk (BC), Pat Harton (BC), 12:27.64, World Record

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