Notice of the CMA Annual Meeting of Members

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3:30 pm Saturday, March 11, 2017
Toronto Track & Field Centre


Canadian Masters Athletics Announcements 


1) Annual Meeting of Members

Canadian Masters Athletics (CMA) announces that its 2016 Annual Meeting of Members will be held at 3:30 pm on Saturday, March 11, 2017, at Toronto Track & Field Centre, 231 Ian MacDonald Blvd., Toronto, Ontario.  All members of the CMA are invited to attend this Annual Meeting.

In order to allow as many members as possible to attend this Annual Meeting, the Board has scheduled the meeting to be held in a meeting room at the location of the CMA 2017 Indoor Track & Field Championships, after the completion of the day’s Championship events.

At this Meeting, the Members will be asked to approve the election of one-third of the CMA’s elected Board of Directors (4 directors), and to approve the election of the following Officers from among the elected Directors: President; Vice-President, Stadia; Vice-President, Non-Stadia; Treasurer; and Secretary.

2) Resignation of Director and Vice-President, Stadia 

The CMA also announces that Brian Keaveney has resigned as a member of the Board of Directors and as Vice-President, Stadia of the CMA, effective the date of the Annual Meeting.  Brian was recently elected the Vice-President, Competition of World Masters Athletics, an extremely responsible position which recognizes his abilities, knowledge and experience in the organization of high-quality athletics events. As such, Brian will not be able to carry out the duties involved with being a member of the Board of Directors and the Vice President, Stadia of the CMA.  He will, however, make himself available to help his successor during a period of transition.  His experience will be missed on the Board of the CMA, and in the organization of many of the CMA’s Stadia events.

3) Search for Volunteers as Members of the Board, Officers or in Other Capacities 

The Board is carrying out a search for members of the CMA who are willing to volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors, as an Officer, or in other capacities.  Volunteers are sought from anywhere in the country, with knowledge and experience in diverse areas, including: a) Technical, having to do with the organization of the CMA’s stadia competitions, either as a Board member, in the position of Vice-President, Stadia or helping in another voluntary capacity; or  b) Public relations and marketing, serving either as a Board member or in another voluntary capacity; or c) Other areas, if the member and the Board agree that the member can bring his or her knowledge and experience to the CMA.

Members who are interested in serving in any of these ways are requested to complete the CMA Member Information Form (below) as soon as possible, and return the completed form to:
Paul Osland, President, at:

Volunteers chosen may be nominated as candidates for election as a member of the Board, or an Officer, or may be requested to assist the Board in some other non-elected capacity.

For further information, please contact:

Paul Osland, President    Tel: (416) 380-2503     Email:
Vern Christensen, Secretary    Tel: (416) 947-4093 Email:


CMA Member Information Form

Notice Package


Agenda and Annual Report


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