Age Grading

Masters results normally include Age Grading factors in the results.

Age grading is based on the World Record in a particular event for each age group.


As an example, in Hytek results….

Capture - AG Points

Jay ran 2:05 as an M40 with a 84.34% Age Graded score – basically 84% of the M40 World Record. 
The 1:59.89 is converted to an ‘Open’ mark.

Age Graded Percentage can be used to compare marks of different aged athletes in the same event, or performances in different events. It is handy, let’s say, when comparing a W45 Shot Put mark with an M65 Steeplechase mark.

Hytek, the common results program, uses the 2014 age grade tables as found on WMA website.

The Howard Grubb Age Grade Calculator look up uses the 2006/2010 age grade tables. You will also note that the WMA age grade factors are only in 5 year increments, not 1 year increments and that is why Hytek only does the 5 year increments now.

Article On Using An AG Calculator Effectively Explanation of AG Tables

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