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By Betty Jean McHugh, Bob Nixon
By Gail Waesche Kislevitz
By Amby Burfoot 
By Richard Benyo  
By Bernd Heinrich
By Nancy Leo
By Joseph Baker, Sean Horton, Patricia Weir (eds)
By Lee Berquist
By Albert W Taylor & Michel J Johnson
By Hal Higdon
By Richard Blagrove and Philip Hayes (eds), Routledge, London and New York 2021
By Elaine Ward (ed) N.A.R.F. Publishing, Pasadena, CA 1996
By Earl Fee,  Feetness Inc, Mississauga, ON  2001
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By Peter Reaburn (ed), CRC Press 2014
By Lauren Antonucci, Human Kinetics 2021
By B Callary, B.W. Young & S Rathwell, Routledge, London, UK 2021


How the sport system can best support lifelong participation in sport.

OutsideOnline – Interesting idea for training for post-menopausal women.

Hockey in Society – How hockey and figure skating are trying to attract masters.

Manchester Metropolitan University Research Impact – Coaching Masters Athletes

Fasttalk Lab – Coaching Masters Athletes

SimpliFaster – Training the Masters Sprinters

Sheila Kealey – Links to many articles on masters athletes

By Bradley Young et al. – Giving Due Deliberation to Masters Athletes: The Time has Come

A series of articles written by Serge Faucher


British Masters Athletics – Heath and Well Being

UK Athletics licensed sprint coach –

Social network for masters athletes – Sports Masters – A community for mature and Masters Athletes

Resources for masters runners – The Ultimate Resource for Masters Runners (

Athletics Manitoba masters information –


Nutritional needs of masters athletes


Acute resistance exercise training does not augment mitochondrial remodeling in master athletes or untrained older adults.

Physiological, Spatiotemporal, Anthropometric, Training, and Performance Characteristics of a 75-Year-Old Multiple World Record Holder Middle-Distance Runner

Resistance training can help maintain muscle mass and strength in prostate cancer patients.

Skeletal muscle morphology, satellite cells, and oxidative profile in relation to physical function and lifelong endurance training in very old men

Sports health – The Masters Athlete

Older adults need more protein than younger ones to optimize muscle protein synthesis.


Physiology of Endurance Running – Masters

Senior Games

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