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There are no qualifying performance standards for any World Masters Championships. Every CMA member 35 years of age and older is welcome to join Team Canada at a world or regional championships.

World Masters Athletics hosts Indoor Championships and Outdoor Championships on alternate years.

Upcoming Events

North and Central American and Caribbean Masters Athletics (NCCMA) takes place on the WMA Indoor years

Team Canada members must wear an approved singlet during competition (photo).
Approved Singlets

The Team Managers will contact team members with detailed information before the championships. These were some of the Bulletins before the WMA Championships in Tampere 2022
Tampere Bulletin 2
Tampere Bulletin 3
Team Hotel Tampere
Tampere Notes for Team Canada

Team Canada Video

Past Results


Team Canada – Seniority

Dual Citizen Country Affiliation

There is usually a Team Canada Party during a championships (Tampere 2022)

There is usually a Team Canada shirt

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