Steve Boyd Shatters M45 CAN 3000m Record

M45 Steve Boyd broke the CAN record with a spectacular time of 8:49.35 in the 3000m at Saturday’s Fred Foot Memorial Meet at the UTTC Athletic Centre in Toronto. Steve broke Wayne Stewart’s mark of 8:54, that he ran in 1993. (The World Record is 8:34). That’s Queen’s athlete Jeff Archer just behind his Coach.

I asked Steve about the race;
Were you aware of the 18 year old CAN record of 8:54 when you were running the 3000 on Saturday?
No, I wasn’t at all aware of the record when I lined up on Saturday, but I was pleased to find out that I’d broken it.

How often do you race the 3000 Indoors?
Very infrequently, to say the least! The last time would probably have been back in the early 90s. Even as an open athlete, I rarely raced indoors at any distance. And I wouldn’t be doing it this year either, except that I’m trying to make myself useful by working out on the indoor track with some of my high school boys, which has put me in a position to try a race or two. If I get another chance to run a 3k this season (and I may not, due to my coaching schedule), I’m pretty certain I can lower that mark by another 5-6 secs at least. I had a slight cold during this one, and I think having gotten a little feel for racing on the small track is going to be worth a few seconds next time out.

Might you have a go at the CAN Mile record of 4:31 held by Alain Boucher or Wayne Stewart’s 4:04 1500m record ?
I’d certainly like too, and I think I’m in shape to beat them both, but I may not get the chance. I’m on the road coaching my Queen’s team every weekend and only rarely is there an opportunity (like Saturday) to jump into a race myself. I’ll see how it goes!

Photos courtesy Michael Nishiyama

All CAN records listed may still be pending CMA ratification.

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