WMA Indoor Championships- Torun, Poland, March 26 – April 1, 2023

Team Canada recently traveled to Torun, Poland, for the 2023 WMA Indoor Championships. In total, 61 Canadian athletes registered from across Canada, USA, Italy and the Netherlands. Canada ranked 15th overall out of 55 countries, winning a total of 8 gold, 11 silver, and 12 bronze medals. Many of our Masters Athletes had top-notch performances and a number of records were set during heats, only to be broken by the athlete in either their semi-final or final heat. In total, twenty new Canadian Records and three new World Records were set.

Well done to all of Canada’s athletes who attended this World Championships. CMA is proud of you!

World Records

Karla Del Grande is no stranger to the world of record setting and her impressive performances at Torun earned her three World Records. In her first race in Torun, Karla broke the World Record in the W70 400m by 8 seconds with a time of 1:11.34s. She then went on to set a World Record in the W70 200m with a time of 31.65s in her qualifying heat, then smashed this with a time of 31.18s in the finals.

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Canadian and World Records set in Torun

DateNameEventAge DivisionPerformanceRecord
30-MarChristopher Warburton200m HeatM5524.50sCDN
31-MarChristopher Warburton200m Semi-FinalM5524.05sCDN
27-MarDmitry Babenko3000m RWM5013:29.23CDN
31-MarDmitry Babenko10km Road RWM5047:57:00CDN
30-MarJean-Pierre MayerShot PutM7511.78mCDN
28-MarKarla Del Grande60m HeatW709.30sCDN
29-MarKarla Del Grande60m FinalsW709.29sCDN
27-MarKarla Del Grande400mW701:11.34CDN-WR
30-MarKarla Del Grande200m HeatW7031.65sCDN-WR
31-MarKarla Del Grande200m FinalW7031.18sCDN-WR
31-MarMarcel Jobin10km Road RWM801:17.29CDN
26-MarMarek GlowackiWeight ThrowM8015.24mCDN
30-MarMarek GlowackiShot PutM8011.65mCDN
1-AprMark Pinckard1500mM604;38.94CDN
30-MarMartine Cloutier-Leblanc200m HeatW4026.04sCDN
31-MarMartine Cloutier-Leblanc200m FinalW4025.82sCDN
28-MarTeresa Chiozza3000m RWW7019:07.57CDN
31-MarYannick Le Mouël60m HM558.78sCDN
1-AprChristopher Warburton, Chris Lamassif, Marc Skeete, Yannick Le Mouël4×200M551:40.74CDN
1-AprAlessia Berti, Martine Cloutier-Leblanc, Laura Sivers, Debbie Zinman4×200W401:55.47CDN

Medal Winners

NameEventAge DivisionPerformanceMedal
Johanna Flipsen3000m RWW6517:54.30Gold
Christopher Warburton60mM557.59sGold
Johanna Flipsen10km Road RWW651:01.54Gold
Team W65 Johanna Flipsen; Nancy Patten; Teresa Chiozza10km Road RWW653:16.53Gold
Karla Del Grande200mW6531.18sGold
Karl Mey200mM8538.60sGold
Jackson Hinton60m HM408.15sGold
Yannick Le Mouël60m HM558.86sGold
Laura HesselWTW7011.87mSilver
Nancy Patten3000m RWW6519:24.57Silver
Karla Del Grande60mW659.29sSilver
Mark Pinckard800mM602:19.79Silver
Karl Mey800mM854:15.14Silver
Yannick Le MouëlPVM553.75mSilver
Marek GlowackiSPM8011.65mSilver
Nancy Patten10km Road RWW651:07.56Silver
Christopher Warburton200mM5524.20sSilver
Karl Mey1500mM859;11.14Silver
Christopher Warburton, Chris Lamassif, Marc Skeete, Yannick Le Mouël4x200m RelayM551:40.74Silver
Laura HesselDTW7022.95mBronze
Susan Stone6 km Cross-countryW6037:22:00Bronze
Marcel Jobin3000m RWM8021:40.85Bronze
Juliette Christie3000mW6011:48.54Bronze
Marek GlowackiHTM8033.71mBronze
Marek GlowackiWTM8015.24mBronze
Karl Mey60mM8511.53sBronze
Jean-Pierre MayerDTM7537.63mBronze
Dmitry Babenko10km Road RWM5047:57:00Bronze
Team M35 Dmitry Babenko, Florin Dumitru, Cesar Arciba10km Road RWM353:05.22Bronze
Lynne Wawryk-Epp1500mW656:34.05Bronze
Karl MeyTJM856.17mBronze

Noteworthy Performances

CMA would like to extend a special congratulations to a number of athletes who were multiple medal winners. Karl Mey, M85, shone during his events and brought home a total of 5 medals; gold in the 200m, two silver in the 800m and 1500m, and two bronze in the 60m and Triple Jump. What amazing athleticism, Karl! Johanna Flipsen, W65, won Canada’s first gold medal of the Championships, and finished sporting three gold medals in all. Johanna won gold for her performances in the 3000m RW, 10km Road RW, and Team 10km Road RW.

Christopher Warburton, M55, also won three medals with superb performances, winning gold in the 60m, a silver medal in the 200m as well as a silver in the M55 4x200m relay. Nancy Patten, W65, with her stellar performances, also earned three medals: with silver in each of the 3000m RW, and the 10km Road RW, as well as a gold medal for the Team 10km Road RW.  Marek Glowacki earned three medals out on the field with a very strong performance in his events; earning a silver in Shot Put, and bronze both in the Weight Throw and Hammer Throw. Yannick Le Mouël, M55, kept the momentum of the medal count going, earning three medals for Canada, with a gold in the 60m Hurdles, a silver in Pole Vault and finishing up the meet with a silver in the 4x200m relay. Laura Hessel, W70, had a strong performance in the throws, securing a silver medal in the Weight Throw and a bronze medal in Discus. Karla del Grande, W65, along with her record-breaking performances, came home with the silver medal in the 60m and a gold in the 200m events. Canada’s team was very well represented in all disciplines. Congratulations!

Athlete’s Oath

There was more going on in Torun for our team besides athletic performance during the Championships. Karla Del Grande started her week in Torun with the honor of representing all athletes and reciting the Athletes’ Oath at the Opening Ceremonies.

Photo credit ShaggysPhotos.com

Athlete’s Reflections

Thank you to Karla and Johanna for their words of encouragement, inspiration and gratitude as they reflect on their recent experience at the Worlds.

“Trying to sum up my experience at World Masters Athletics Indoor Championships 2023 is challenging! The most important elements, the support of CMA friends and organization; support of my coach, teammates and friends from Variety Village; our Canadian team of almost 60 athletes; the support I felt from them and from back home; and the pride felt in being Canadian. Perhaps because of our gratitude and appreciation for having this event after the pandemic, and our unity in wearing the special t-shirts, the feeling [in Torun] was special. Some of the highlights were participating with old friends and making new ones; representing all athletes by reciting the oath at the Opening Ceremony; and celebrating my birthday by breaking 2 world records and 1 Canadian record in my new age group of W70+.”

Karla Del Grande

“Firstly, I am grateful that I am able to travel to compete in places like Torun and the many other venues that Masters Athletics have taken me – I know that there are others, talented and enthusiastic, who are not able to do so for a variety of reasons, and I never take my participation in competition for granted! I only wish that I had heard of Masters Athletics sooner; as a decades-long road racer (running) before turning to race-walking, I had not even heard of CMA. Think of all the years of comradery, cheering on fellow Canadians, meeting athletes from other countries, and experiencing the support of being part of Team Canada that I missed out on! I would encourage athletes over 35 with an interest in track and field, cross-country and road racing to consider becoming CMA members and support this organization while getting great support in return. Hearing the clapping and cheers of your fellow athletes as you approach the finish line, regardless of your placing, is truly a special experience!”

Johanna Flipsen

As a CMA athlete, if you have been sitting on the fence about getting involved in the bigger meets, these two reflections will give you every confidence that you should just go for it!

Food Drive

(Photo credits Wendy Melvin)

Wendy Melvin, one of our Team Managers at the World Championships, organized an international food drive to help those impacted by the war in Ukraine. There are approximately 4000 Ukrainian refugees living in or near Torun. Because of Wendy’s initiative, 1000 lbs. of non-perishable food items and $1000 were collected. Wendy, whose grandparents were from Poland, was visibly moved when awarded a plaque for her efforts to help others. CMA is so proud of you, Wendy! 

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